Someone May Be Spoilt

Maybe…..just a lil

Thank you to Kitten & Zen. That big beautiful kitty… well, his friends will be joining at us an auction and they’ll be hoping you might win them. mmmhmmm…. but not this one. This one is so minez. As you can see, Angel, Lissa, and Helen like riding on her with me. We ride everywhere together now. It is a thing. The fish is for the kitties.

See you at the auctions!

ErMaGherd Kitties!

The main store currently has a number of adorable collector cats that are past breeding just waiting to be your friend for cheap cheap. I bought a few too many… maybe. Not sure if I’m admitting it yet.

They are too cute. Come by and scoop them up. The new lines are breeding and they will be incredibly special but they are still cooking in little kitty bellies, so you shall have to wait. In the meantime, I have tons of cute kitties out from past lines. I never stick with a line once it is solid, I’m always up to a new batch and a new mix. So, stop by, take a peek. Your new best friend awaits.

When Drama Invades Our Fun

I’ve not actually said anything at all publicly on the recent drama that took place. I do not like drama, I abhor it really. I like to come into second life for fun, to enjoy myself, and kittycats most certainly provides for fun and enjoyment. Those cute lil buggers! laughs I’m addicted but not in a bad way.

Callie has created one of the most enjoyable things in my second life and I love to auction them, sell them, buy them, breed them and stare at them incessantly. lol They are amazing. We also have an incredible community based around them. For the most part, the people I have met and continue to meet are no less than incredible. We all just really love these kitties and great times are had by all.

Like anything though, there is always that one or those few. There is always a less fun side to anything because well, people are involved and not all people are as awesome as we would like them to be. People, even great people, also have lapses of judgement, mental health issues, and bad days. So, I mean, I suppose we have to accept that sometimes things will not be so amazing. Those times suck and yes, recently… times have sucked to some extent. How much we allow that to affect us and our community is really up to us.

I considered if I would say anything publicly on the whole mess, I considered it carefully. While I give exactly zero shits about what others say or think of me, mainly because I’m older now and learned the wisdom of not caring, I do care about this community and I care about this amazing thing we all share. I decided I was going to say something for exactly that reason. I care. I care that good times have been ruined. I care that auctioneers have been demonized. I care that a whole sim was unfairly demonized and called a bully. I care that one breeder has been digitally bullied. I care and I’m going to say exactly what I think about all of it because quite frankly, I am where the buck stops when it comes to involving me and those I care about. I cannot stop anyone from doing anything but I can and will hold people responsible and stop them from doing it at my auctions and on land I pay for.

So, let’s talk honestly about what has happened and why. Let’s blow the veil away, shall we? We cannot deal with it until we see it clearly.

So, someone has created an avatar named Unique TooCool and has used it to blatantly bully and misrepresent a breeder most of us know, Ragdoll. The person who has done this has made it obvious that they have an issue with her setting prices low for opening bid at auctions. I do not know who this person is but they have claimed to be her, have gone out of their way to disrupt auctions, have imed other breeders and caused drama, have note carded auctioneers telling them how to price their cats, and have set up cats on bid boards and refused to sell them while claiming to be Ragdoll.

Let’s not mince words here. This person is a bully and a coward. This person has chosen to cause issues for someone else while hiding behind an unknown avatar. This person is without a doubt a coward and I am calling them out. They do not even have enough of a backbone to say what they think under their own “name”. No. They would rather creep around in a mask causing problems and drama for the rest of us, ruining our enjoyment because someone is not doing what they want them to do. The rest does not matter. The why does not matter. I honestly do not care what the reasoning is because it comes down to this: they are choosing to act in this way. We all have bad days, we all have problems. Some of us think that gives us the right to affect others and some of us grow the fuck up and act like adults. Some of us are good people and some of us just are not.

For our part, for my part, We/I have banned this avatar from our land and our auctions permanently. I simply will not allow this kind of behavior to ruin the fun for the rest of us. This person did im me when I banned them after they showed up causing issues at our auctions and told me they thought that banning them was harsh. Sorry, I disagree. It’s exactly what you deserve. Other patrons who were present actually joined in with rude remarks (Yes… I have not forgotten you few.). They stopped when asked. I was very happy because that is not what an auction is about or for. They are not platforms to cause issues because others don’t do as you wish. Do it on your own time.

Now, at that point, I thought the icky dicky drama was over. I was wrong. I wish I was making this shit up. I really do. Now, given that it was common knowledge that I was going through pretty major surgery and would be healing and in pain, you’d think that people could at the very least leave me out of their bullshit for a bit. Right? Well, no… only decent people think things through like that I guess. So, what happened next? Well, let me tell you.

So, I’m chilling and doing an auction and I’ll be honest, I’m hurting but I really enjoy these auctions and love the people so I’m doing it. I’m having a little fun and really enjoying myself but you can feel some little tang of something in the air. Spicy! I tend to feel when something is awry and I got that familiar feeling but did not think much of it. Now, I did make a comment on no drama like I always do because I seriously mean that shit, no no no dramas. Come have fun. So, I gently remind people at my auctions, its a no no, be nice, have fun. Little did I know what was lurking like a starving man staring at a buffet. It was there just waiting for me. I was clueless… and then I was asked if I was ok after the auction. I thought they meant was I ok from my surgery. No, no, that wasn’t it. They meant, was I ok after reading the note card that was sent out in a public group that was in part about me. Well, oblivious little me had not read it, I had no idea it had been sent out… a day ago. -Ahem- Well, shit.. I mean fresh from surgery here so ok, I’m not really paying the best attention right now. So, I go look for it and I read it, because why look for it if I’m not going to read it, right? So, I read this thing.

I’ll admit it, I was flabbergasted. I was completely in the realm of “what the fuck even is this?” and I was at that point only half way through but I kept reading it in hopes that it would at some point make some damn sense. So, let’s dig into this, shall we? I mean, if you are going to be stupid enough to put your crap out there, expect to get called out on it. Try, at the least, to make it honest and truthful.

So, in this note card, it is stated by the author that they are being bullied by the sim who owns the group it was sent in. Not my group, not my sim. It says that the way in which they are being bullied is by someone putting out something referred to as Bob, the drama llama. Ok, I had not heard about that either but, ok. So, it goes on to say that somehow this creation named Bob is a reference to the author because they used that name once briefly, which few or none even remembered. Ok. Whatever. Somehow, this makes his bullying my fault. His explanation of this is, get this: Because of a joke I was involved in long ago which went south, which I took full blame for immediately and apologized and corrected at that time because well shit… that is what you do when a joke goes over poorly. You say sorry. Right?

So, what actually took place, for the sake of history? I sent a pink cat to someone who does not like pink cats. Lots of us had joked about it in the previous auction. I followed through with doing it. I had said that I was going to do it and the author of this note card had publicly laughed and said to do it. I said I was going to tell her it was from him. I did. Well, ends up there maybe had been some past issues between them, not my business, not something I knew. My little joke did not go over well and added to it. I apologized immediately. I took blame for what I did. I made it right. That was literally it.

So, what happened next? That author of the note card imed me after everything was fixed blaming me for all of his problems with said person. Not cool. Still, I had messed up, once again I made sure said person knew it was all on me. Done. Right? Nope. Said author ims me again with his bullshit. I remained nice, a third time I ensured that things were set straight and all involved knew what had happened, what I had done exactly and that it was not meant in harm. Three times I went out of my way to reassure the author of this note card by ensuring that any role I played in any of it was placed solely on me and no one else by anyone involved. So, that was it, right? I mean, c’mon, surely that was it. Well, no.

Once again in this note card, months later, it is brought up again by said author of the note card. Now it is somehow my fault he is being “bullied” by a sim I do not own because apparently everything that is occurring between him and them is my fault and has nothing to do with him personally. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Talk about avoidance issues. Dude, maybe just maybe, it’s your fault. Just sayin.

Ends up, the freaking Bob reference was to battery operated boyfriend and of course had nothing at all to do with the author of this note card. He was never being bullied. No one was picking on him. He was just being paranoid and then brought this whole shitstorm of drama down on everyone for no reason at all. So, in reality, he slandered people who did nothing to him, slandered a sim that did nothing to him, and dragged my poor drugged up ass into it right after surgery for no reason at all.

So, I banned him. Yup. I sure did. I banned him, I muted him, and that is where he will stay. He needs to apologize to the other sim, to those he has slandered for no reason but not to me. I do not want it. Why? He has shown me who he is through this whole mess over a period of time and I do not choose to have a person like that around to cause any further trouble or drama on our land and/or at our auctions. I want no interaction with him at all. I want no chance of being dragged into the mud any further by someone who enjoys it so very much. I’m done. Seriously. Not cool at all.

I feel bad for the other sim, for the auctioneers, for those who had to have their day ruined with this complete crap just because some petty and paranoid man had to decide there was an issue when there was not and then had to follow it up with his own inability to take responsibility for his own actions and his own problems. I feel bad, I do, but I’m not going to let any of this affect me or my enjoyment of the auctions, the people, and the kitties. I’m just not. I hope that none of you will either because not everyone is an asshole. Most of us are not, most of us just wanna get together and have fun and I’ll tell you, that’s is exactly what I’m doing. I did not even say his name here because he is not getting any recognition from me for this mess. I’m ignoring it, moving on.

I have told the truth of what happened, what was behind it and what you think of it all is on you. We choose how much we allow things to affect us. I choose to move on and believe that most of you are as amazing as I think you are. I choose to let this end here. I choose…. KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

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The rest is just crap.

Cat of the Day

♀ Babygirl

҉ 12 days ⚤♥ 84% ☻ 85% ☪↯ 72% 모☁ 8%

Partner: John
(4 days remaining – Automatically Repartnered)

Fur: Chimera – Charcoal Mist
Eyes: Genesis Bronze (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Sassy
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: White (Shape: Guitar)
Size: 44 cm (17.3 inch)

♂ Rico h. Chimera

҉ 5 days ♥ 0% ☺ 70% ☪↯ 19% 모☁ 2%

Fur: Tonkinese – Natural Mink
Eyes: Odyssey Magic (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: White (Shape: Guitar)
Size: 37 cm (14.5 inch)